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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday Tipples 08 / Favourite Client Work

Champagne Room - Mojito

Hope you're having a wonderful week! I wanted to share something a little different for this month's Thursday Tipples. Most days I am doing design work from home in front of my laptop, so it's always a bit exciting for me to go on a photo shoot. Photographing food and drinks is one of the things I love the most, and if it weren't for this blog and practicing my photography for every single post here over nearly 8 years, I would never be getting paid to do it for other people! I've done several drinks shoots in the last few months and I wanted to share a few of my favourites from each. Maybe if you're in Sydney, you can go and try a few of these amazing drinks for yourself :)

The Champagne Room, Surry Hills

Champagne Room - Marie AntionetteChampagne Room - PompierChampagne RoomChampagne Room - Champagne Tower

The Stables, Randwick

The StablesThe StablesThe StablesThe Stables

The Angry Pirate, Redfern

The Angry Pirate - Grog Zombie
The Angry Pirate - Fresh Mint PappleAngry PirateAngry Pirate - Bloody Mary

Manly Wine, Manly

Manly WineManly WineManly Wine

The Rook, CBD

The Rook - Thorny RoseThe Rook - Down the Rabbit HoleThe Rook - The Antidote

The Loft, King Street Wharf

The LoftThe Loft The LoftThe Loft

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday Tipples 06 / Cherry Candy Cane Mojito

cherry candy cane mojito

It has been a really tough few days following the news in Sydney. After Monday’s 16 hour siege in a busy Sydney cafe that I’ve visited dozens of times, just a few blocks from where I used to work, I woke up to the terrible news that it had ended with two innocent people dying as heroes while trying to protect their fellow hostages.

I’m sure like many others I’ve felt a full spectrum of emotions in the last few days as these events hit really close to home, but if there is any positive to come out, it is definitely the beautiful way Australians have come together in the wake of these tragic events, from the floral memorial in Martin place, to the social media messages of hope and support that quickly spread all over the world.

cherry candy cane mojito

Since I moved to the other side of Sydney I don't see my family nearly as often, and so this year Christmas feels particularly special. I seriously can't wait to spend time with my Nanna, see how much my cousins' kids have grown and share a delicious home-cooked meal with all the people I love the most.

My sister and I brainstormed together to come up with a fun Christmas drink, and this Cherry Candy Cane Mojito is it. I know I've posted two cherry recipes in a row but they are so delicious and very cheap right now, so I've been eating a LOT of them! It uses traditional mojito ingredients - lime, mint and white rum with cherries and a candy cane as a cute garnish and to intensify the mint flavour in the drink itself. It just feels so festive and would be great at a Christmas party with friends!

cherry candy cane mojito

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday Tipples 05 / Raspberry Ginger Margaritas

raspberry ginger margarita

I feel like even though I have a lot of valuable experience drinking cocktails, there is so much I need to learn about making them. I only have the very vaguest idea of what I’m doing and own just the most basic bar equipment. That is why I started this (somewhat sporadic) Thursday Tipples feature - to push myself to try learn about and experiment making new drinks, and hopefully end up with something delicious in the process.

I like to approach mixing drinks the same way as I do coming up with and brainstorming recipe ideas for baking - thinking seasonally, using good ingredients and quality spirits, tinkering with classic concepts and throwing in something a little bit fun and unexpected.

raspberry ginger margarita

This actually is the very first time I’ve ever made a Margarita, but I just love the simple combination of good tequila, agave and lime that just works. Because it’s almost summer here, I wanted to give it a twist using beautiful fresh raspberries and ginger, and some Murray River pink salt for the rims. I have to say, they turned out even better than I expected and I was really happy with how they looked and tasted :)

raspberry ginger margarita

I was also excited to try out my excellent new Mason Jar cocktail shaker that I bought recently. I love the clear glass shaker which takes some of the mystery out, so you can know exactly when the cocktail is properly shaken and blended. And if you like booze and don’t already follow their Instagram (@masonshaker), you definitely should! And maybe one day soon, I’ll get over serving my cocktails in glass jars... but probably not.

raspberry ginger margarita

It’s a perfect weekend party drink and the recipe below can be easily scaled up for a crowd. Of course you can also try other summer fruits depending on your favourites. A peach or pineapple margarita would be deeeelicious. Depending on the fruit you choose, you may need to puree it first. And make sure you save some for a pretty fruit garnish. Cheers!

Want more cocktail ideas? Click here.

raspberry ginger margarita 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday Tipples 04 / Sparkling Blood Orange Negroni

sparkling negroni

Happy Thursday afternoon! You made it this far, and I think you deserve a little treat. After a few months hiatus, Thursday Tipples is back and today I'm excited to share a great twist on the Negroni. I only discovered this Italian classic cocktail last year, but I've been in love with it ever since. Known as an apéritif, it is meant to stimulate your appetite before dinner.

While the original is quite strong and bitter, this version is a little lighter with some fresh blood orange (in season at the moment) and a spritz of soda. I have also used Aperol which is a little more mild than the traditional Campari, with notes of orange and rhubarb. Delicious!

sparkling negroni

I like this drink because it is not too sweet and somehow manages to be both refreshing and more-ish at the same time. It's also very easy to prepare with only five ingredients and easy to make in a shaker for two, or a pitcher for a crowd. Simple and delicious? A winning combination in my books.

If you fancy your drinks a little more on the bitter side, use Campari as in the original recipe or experiment with a dash of bitters. Even better, rhubarb or orange bitters would add an incredible depth of flavour, so get creative!

I think it is the perfect tipple for an apéritif, and best shared with friends no matter what the occasion you're planning - from a dinner party with the girls to a sunset wedding!

sparkling negroni

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Tipples 03 / Tipsy Peach Iced Tea

drunken peach iced tea

I used to think of myself as strictly a coffee only girl, but things have definitely changed. I sometimes still have a coffee in the morning or if I'm out with friends, but I'm predominately a tea drinker these days!

I have a problem walking past T2, but an even bigger problem if I end up walking in. This photo only shows part of my collection *blush!* If you've been reading for a while, you'll know that I love tea in all manner of desserts, from earl grey ice cream to chai doughnuts, but I am always intrigued when I see tea used in cocktails.

Last summer I started making iced tea regularly because it was so delicious and refreshing, and I couldn't help but think that some kinds of tea would be awesome with a few shots of booze - because what isn't improved with booze, really? - and served as a pitcher cocktail.

drunken peach iced tea

The possibilities are endless of course - a fruity tisane with vodka, lemons and strawberry pieces, or a twist on the mint julep with peppermint tea, bourbon and fresh mint (I can tell you that this is in fact delicious!)

For this month's Thursday Tipples post, I experimented with a vanilla black tea combined with peaches, spiced rum, vodka and a little Cointreau, and it turned out even better than I'd hoped. This drink feels very summery because of the peaches, and I loved the subtle spices that came through from the tea and the rum.

So here's something to do this weekend... Make a big pitcher of tipsy iced tea and drink this with friends at sunset, sitting on the balcony or out in the backyard - perfect! You can thank me on Monday ;)

drunken peach iced tea

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday Tipples 02 / Pomegranate Gin Smash

pomegranate gin smash

I feel like a completely different person since I started working full time freelance. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I love. Of course running my own business is brand new to me and fraught with all kinds of new challenges. I'm learning every single day. But the thing I love the most is setting my own schedule. Taking my laptop to work from anywhere and being able to sneak out for a short break at the beach in the afternoon when the mood strikes on a sunny day (!)

For the first time in a long time I feel like I'm actually getting to enjoy summer. And after a dip at the beach and a walk back up the hill, you need a refreshing sunset drink. Or perhaps you're looking for a Christmas or New Years Eve party starter? This second instalment in my Thursday Tipples series fits the bill perfectly.


I was a sort of late bloomer and only discovered gin last year. This resulted in a summer of gin where I drank quite a lot of G&T's. This year I'm branching out to try gin (my pick is Hendricks, I love it) with some of my favourite flavours like fresh pomegranate and mint. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that this is only the second time I've used my cocktail shaker in the five or so years since I bought it, but I think that will all change over the next few months.

This drink is super refreshing and perfect on a sunny day. Tall, cold, a little bit tart from the pomegranate and lime, a little bit sweet, and looking very Christmassy too. It's easy to make, and definitely adaptable to use your favourite flavours. Enjoy!

What's your favourite summer drink? Tell me in the comments below!

pomegranate gin smash

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thursday Tipples 01 / DIY Rhubarb Berry Syrup and 2 Delicious Drinks

rhubarb berry fizz

Today I’m super excited to introduce a new monthly feature celebrating all things boozy called Thursday Tipples. I love cocktails (well that’s no secret) and I want to explore the world of making them at home with fresh, seasonal ingredients and share my experiments here.

To kick things off I bring you a homemade berry and rhubarb syrup that can be used in any number of delicious ways. I tried two - a fresh and fruity vodka fizz perfect for summer, and a creamy ice cream float that both kids and grown ups will love. I actually can’t pick a favourite between the two drinks, I really loved both of them! I think the syrup would also be lovely with gin or bourbon, or even just a splash of soda.

rhubarb berry spider

There’s something very nostalgic about a ‘Spider’ or ice cream float. It was always a special childhood treat, but boozed up versions for adults are having a bit of a resurgence lately, which I totally love! The best thing is that they’re so adaptable - you can use any kind of ice cream you like (I think strawberry would definitely be a winner, or maybe something homemade?) or try different fizzy drinks, like maybe ginger beer or pink lemonade, which Schweppes finally brought back here in Australia, and that makes me very happy!

Which one would you choose?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Spiced Dark & Stormy

spiced dark & stormy

Happy Friday everyone! Hope it's been a great week for all of you. It's been a little topsy turvy over here as my last day at work gets ever closer. Today I'm bringing you a twist on a classic cocktail that has been a favourite of mine for a while now - the Dark & Stormy.

I've also come to the conclusion that there are not nearly enough cocktail and drink recipes on this blog, which is pretty strange given how much I like to drink them. It's a serious situation that I'm going to give my full attention over the coming months. You're welcome.

spicy ginger syrup

I made a very easy and very versatile ginger syrup that I flavoured with fresh ginger, lots of chilli flakes and some coriander seeds. But keep in mind this recipe can be adapted in any number of ways depending on your preference for spices. The syrup will keep indefinitely stored in a sterilised glass bottle in the fridge - all the better for mixing up some cocktails on a whim. Or it would make a lovely little gift too!

And for some other great ideas for using your new homemade spicy ginger syrup, check out this great post from Design*Sponge. I also think it would be great with in cocktails with chilli vodka, Malibu, or Asian flavours like mint, coriander and lemongrass. Or keep it super simple and serve on ice with soda.

spiced dark & stormy

Making the cocktail itself couldn't be easier, as you can see above (who doesn't love an animated gif). Lots of ice and fresh lime, a dash of the syrup, a glug of Spiced Rum (I used Sailor Jerry's), top with ginger beer and give it a stir. Or make it in a large pitcher to share with your friends at the next BBQ.

It's a great refreshing and summery drink with a nice hit of ginger and the spice from the chilli coming in as an aftertaste. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

spiced dark & stormy

Monday, September 17, 2012

Salted Caramel and Bourbon Milkshakes

salted caramel & bourbon milkshake
I’m going to keep it short today, but oh so sweet. I had a little bit of caramel sauce leftover from another dessert and an extreme case of baking indecision over the weekend. I’m not sure what made me think of milkshakes, as I generally never drink them - unlike Steve, who finds it impossible to pass up ordering a milkshake or spider whenever he sees them on a café menu!

Then I remembered the Salted Caramel milkshake at Reuben Hills that he ordered when we visited for brunch and decided to try my own very grown-up sort of milkshake, because when I say caramel sauce, I don’t mean any old sauce. I mean Salted Caramel and Bourbon sauce. Oh yeah.

This milkshake is seriously indulgent. If you wanted to go all out you could use a homemade salted caramel ice cream too. As far as milkshakes go, I reckon it was one of the best I've ever had, although it was seriously rich and I couldn't finish it (!) but I know Steve would have loved it.

Hope everyone has a delicious week! xx

salted caramel & bourbon milkshake

Monday, July 16, 2012

Spiced Mulled Cider

spiced mulled cider
It's a very special week here on Spicy Icecream and I've got a lot in store for you, lovely readers!

Oh my, time has flown since I decided to start this blog, but here we are... five years later. Five whole years! I seriously can't believe it. I can hardly remember what I did on the weekends before I started spending them baking and photograhing. I’ve made some wonderful friends, shared so many wonderful meals, and so to celebrate, this week I’ll be posting five spiced up recipes over five days.

Warm spice recipes in the dead of winter is the perfect combination and I've had a lot of fun putting this series together. Even though it feels like I have barely any time in the kitchen these days, I still love the whole process of blogging – from coming up the recipe ideas (and often brainstorming them with other fab food bloggers) to making, photographing, writing about them, and then finally sharing them with you guys.

First up we have a seriously fabulous winter drink that I only discovered very recently at The Winery, but I couldn’t get enough! Mulled Cider is a great drink during cooler months, to warm you up from the inside out. Best yet, you can play around with the spices depending on your preference and even do a booze-free version with apple juice for the kids. I like cinnamon sticks, ginger, cloves and a teensy bit of vanilla in mine, but perhaps some peppercorns, nutmeg or even some bay leaves would be nice too!

And as an added bonus, it will also make your whole house smell seriously amazing, like Christmas. I think it would also be delicious with pear cider too. I’ll be back tomorrow with another spicy recipe. Stay tuned!

spiced mulled cider


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